My Favorite Vegan Options at CAVA Meditteranean Grill

From the moment I stepped into Cava, the aromatic allure of Mediterranean spices captivated me. As a vegan, finding a restaurant that caters to my dietary preferences while offering a burst of flavors is a treasure. Cava, with its Greek and Mediterranean fare, proved to be that rare gem.

The vegan menu at Cava isn’t a mere section; it’s a celebration of plant-based goodness. The abundance of fresh, vibrant, and hearty options had me spoilt for choice, a feeling I rarely experience at other eateries.

Curated Bowls and Pitas

The Spice Trail: Market Spice Bowl

Ah, the Market Spice Bowl, is my go-to comfort food on chilly evenings. The ease of not having to cherry-pick ingredients while ensuring a spicy, hearty meal is a boon. The spicy falafel, fiery broccoli, and tangy pickled onions create a carnival of flavors, while the tomatoes and cucumbers add a refreshing crunch.

Of course, ordering it without tzatziki is a small tweak for a big feast.

A Pita to Crave: Crispy Falafel Pita

The Crispy Falafel Pita is what pita dreams are made of.

The crispy falafel paired with creamy hummus and roasted eggplant creates a texture so divine, every bite is a melody. The pickles and cabbage slaw add a zesty crunch, making it a fulfilling meal that I find myself craving often. And the garlic dressing? It’s the cherry on top of this Mediterranean delight.

Build-Your-Own Options

The Canvas: Choice of Bases

The freedom to build my own bowl starts with choosing a base. Whether I’m in a salad mood or a grain bowl groove, the choices like supergreens or saffron basmati rice never disappoint. The RightRice, with its high protein and fiber, often gets my vote.

Dip into Flavor: Dips and Spreads

Oh, the dips and spreads! The roasted eggplant puree is a smoky delight, while the hummus is a creamy dream. And when I’m feeling fiery, the Harissa spread adds that perfect kick.

Protein Picks

The falafel, either classic or spicy, is my reliable protein pick. But when I’m in the mood for a lighter fare, the roasted vegetables are a colorful and tasty choice.

Toppings Galore

Toppings are the fun part! The pickled onions and Kalamata olives add a tangy zest, while the tomato and cucumber salad is a refreshing companion to the spices.

Vegan Dressings

The dressings at Cava are like the final brushstroke on a masterpiece. The Lemon Herb Tahini is a zesty, creamy delight, while the Greek Vinaigrette adds a tangy, herby touch that takes my bowl to the next level. And for those days when I crave a spicy kick, the Hot Harissa Vinaigrette is my go-to.

Sides and Kids Menu

Snack Time Favorites

The side pita and pita chips are my crunchy companions, while the hummus is always a hearty, dip-able delight. For the little vegans, the Kid’s Mini Pita is a fun, customizable treat.

Little Vegan Delights

The kids menu is a mini adventure. With choices for a grain, dip/spread, protein, toppings, and a dressing, it’s a playful way to introduce young ones to a world of flavors.

Tahini Shakes

Ah, the sweet finish! The Tahini Shakes are a voyage into a creamy, dreamy landscape.

The Vanilla Baklava Shake, with its whispers of cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg, takes me on a nostalgic journey every time. And when I’m in the mood for something fruity, the Mixed Berry Shake is a refreshing choice with a delightful tahini twist.


Every visit to Cava is a delightful expedition into the heart of Mediterranean flavors. The vibrant colors, the tantalizing aromas, and the myriad textures create a tapestry of vegan delights that keep me coming back for more.

Effortless Vegan Dining

The ease with which I can curate a vegan feast, coupled with the warm, inviting ambiance, makes Cava a cherished spot. Whether I’m grabbing a quick bite or settling in for a leisurely meal, the vegan options at Cava never fail to satisfy my plant-based cravings.

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