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Vegan Options at Hardee’s: What’s Left on the Menu?

Finding vegan options at fast-food joints is often a game of culinary hide-and-seek. Hardee’s presents its own unique set of challenges, as their vegan-friendly items have a history of appearing and disappearing.

In today’s post, I’ll dive into what you can expect when you pull up to a Hardee’s drive-thru.

The Disappearing Act of Beyond Products

Hardee’s once graced us with the Beyond Burger and Beyond Sausage, which were a beacon of hope for plant-based eaters at a traditionally very non-vegan-friendly chain.

However, these options began to fade away in early 2021, and as of mid-2022, it seems they’ve been officially pulled from the menu at many locations.

So What’s Left for Vegans?

Spicing It Up with Red Burrito

Keep in mind, Red Burrito isn’t available at every Hardee’s location.

  • Rice, Beans, and Tortilla Combo: Nix the cheese, and you’re left with a simple yet tasty burrito filled with Mexican rice and beans.
  • Upgraded Nachos: Grab those chips and salsa, and add a side of beans or rice to elevate your snack.

Green Options

  • Basic Salad: The side salad can be made vegan by simply removing the cheese and selecting the Low Fat Italian Dressing.

Let’s Talk Sides

  • Morning Hashrounds*: Perfect for breakfast or any time of the day, really.
  • Classic Fries*: Can’t go wrong with these.
  • Curly Fries*: For when you’re feeling a little adventurous.

*Remember, cross-contamination is possible as these might share a fryer with non-vegan items.

Bread and Toppings

  • Sourdough Slices: A solid bread option if you’re looking to make a sandwich.
  • Go-To Condiments:
    • Mustard
    • Ketchup
    • BBQ and Buffalo Dipping Cups
    • Strawberry and Grape Jellies
    • Lemon Juice
    • Picante Sauce

Quick Q&A

Can I Still Get Vegan Fries at Hardee’s?

Yes, although cross-contamination is a possibility.

What About Onion Rings?

Sorry, those are a no-go. They contain dairy.

Any Vegan Desserts on the Menu?

Unfortunately, the once-vegan Peach Cobbler has been replaced by a dairy-filled Peaches and Cream Fried Pie.

Wrapping It Up

While Hardee’s may not be a treasure trove of vegan options, there are still some possibilities for plant-based eaters. It’s about getting creative and making modifications where you can. If you stumble upon any Beyond Meat offerings, please give me a heads up!

Here’s to making the best of your vegan fast-food adventures! 🌱

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