My Favorite Vegan Menu Items at Andy’s Frozen Custard

Finding vegan treats at Andy’s Frozen Custard can be quite a quest given the limited options. It’s a tad disappointing that none of the frozen custards or cones are vegan-friendly. However, the silver lining exists in the form of Zarlengo’s Italian Ice available at select locations.

Despite the predominantly “traditional” menu, the joy of discovering vegan options was unparalleled. It not only satiated my sweet cravings but also made my visits to Andy’s with friends more enjoyable.

Discovering Zarlengo’s Italian Ice

Availability at select locations

The availability of Zarlengo’s Italian Ice at select Andy’s Frozen Custard locations is a breath of fresh air for the vegan community. My first encounter with this delightful offering was on a scorching summer afternoon.

The moment I tasted the Lemon flavored Italian Ice, it was clear that I had found my go-to dessert at Andy’s. The cool and refreshing taste was a perfect respite from the heat, making my vegan heart sing with joy.

Flavor Exploration

Lemon: A Classic Choice

The Lemon Zarlengo’s Italian Ice was my first love at Andy’s. Its tangy freshness turned out to be the perfect palette cleanser, making it my absolute favorite.

Strawberry: A Sweet Surprise

Next up was the Strawberry flavor, a sweet surprise indeed. Its subtle sweetness was balanced, proving to be a delightful treat.

Raspberry Lemonade: A Tangy Twist

The Raspberry Lemonade flavor was a festival of tanginess and sweetness, a delightful ending to the vegan menu exploration at Andy’s.


Despite the limited vegan offerings, discovering Zarlengo’s Italian Ice was a delightful experience, making my visits to Andy’s worthwhile.

I’d encourage every vegan sweet tooth to check their local Andy’s Frozen Custard for the availability of Zarlengo’s Italian Ice. It’s a small yet significant step towards enjoying sweet moments with friends and family, vegan-style!

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