How To Order Vegan at Dairy Queen

How To Order Vegan at Dairy Queen

Greetings, fellow herbivores! Let’s talk about a vegan’s dairy dilemma – ordering at Dairy Queen (DQ).

Now, you may be thinking, “Ice cream central? Really?” But fear not, my leafy-loving friends. Turns out, the queen of dairy also has a few vegan-friendly tricks up her sleeve! And I’m here to guide you on the ‘how-to’ of ordering vegan at DQ.

Let’s take it from the top.

Dairy Queen Vegan Frozen Treats

Vegan Ice Cream and Frozen Treats – yes, you read that correctly. It turns out that Dairy Queen, known for their iconic soft serve, has started to add some plant-based magic into their mix.

Take, for instance, the Non-dairy Dilly Bars, a personal favorite of mine. They’re just like the classic version but without the, you know, dairy part. Dilly-licious indeed!

Then there’s the Star Kiss Frozen Treat. It’s a bit of a vegan unicorn, as it’s not available at all locations. But if you spot it, give it a go. Trust me on this one.

And if you’re more into sippable delights, DQ’s Misty Slush is the way to go.

Choose from flavors like cherry, mango, lemon-lime, blue raspberry, or kiwi strawberry. Artificial colors? Unfortunately, yes. But, tasty? Absolutely!

Vegan-Friendly Food

Now, let’s talk solid food.

I’m all about that crunch, so it’s DQ french fries for me. They’re a bit of an unsung hero on the menu – a bit like Clark Kent, seemingly ordinary but secretly super!

The Pretzel Sticks aren’t much to look at, but they’re pretty dang good, too. Just make sure to order without the queso – it’s obviously not vegan-friendly.

Salads, of course, are generally a safe space on the menu for us plant-based folks. Dairy Queen’s Side Salad is a simple mix of lettuce, tomatoes, carrot, and red cabbage.

Choose from one of the vegan dressings like Marzetti Asian Sesame or Balsamic Vinaigrette. Want more options? Try the Fat Free California French Style Dressing or Light Italian.

And for the brave hearts, consider the hamburger – without the meat patty, of course. It’s a bun piled high with tomato, onion, lettuce, pickles, ketchup, and mustard. Sounds like a salad sandwich to me!

Additional Options

Finally, let’s not forget the applesauce and banana, or hashbrowns for breakfast. There’s also Lay’s BBQ, Original, & Baked Potato Chips, for when the cravings strike.

Keep in mind, though, that DQ isn’t a dedicated vegan establishment. Cross-contamination can occur. Make sure you’re comfortable with the potential risks, like shared fryers/grills with animal products.

Vegan Options No Longer Available

Smoothies used to be on the menu but now seem to be playing hide and seek. Check at your local DQ to see if they’re still available.

Dairy Queen FAQ

The item I get asked most about is the Onion Rings.

And unfortunately, the Onion Rings aren’t vegan, as they contain whey from dairy.

Final Thoughts

A few things to keep in mind when ordering vegan at any restaurant that is not a completely vegan restaurant.

  • ALWAYS check with your server before ordering to confirm any information you have read here is correct. There are many variables – menus change, ingredients change, differences between individual locations of the same chain, etc – that could cause the information on this page to be incorrect.
  • Cross-Contamination is not only possible, it’s likely to happen. Restaurants use shared surfaces and even if a location is doing its best, it’s almost impossible to prevent all cross-contamination. If this is an issue for you, I would suggest not eating at these types of locations.
  • Eco Sasquatch is not responsible for any actions taken based on the information on this page.

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