How To Open Your Charge Port Door Tesla Model 3

4 Ways to Open Your Charge Port – Tesla Model 3

When I first got my Tesla I was only using the touchscreen to open my charge port. It was fine, but not always the most convenient option (especially when you forget to hit the button before you get out).

Once I got my car registered on the Tesla app, I was able to start using the app to unlock my charge port and stay up-to-date on my charging status.

But, the real “aha moment” came when I discovered two tricks to open the charge port on a Tesla Model 3 (and I’m assuming other models as well) that are total game-changers.

In this article, I’m going to walk you through how to open your charge port all four ways, so whether you’re just getting familiar with your car or you’re looking for some Tesla secret hacks I’ve got you covered.

How to Open the Charge Port on a Tesla Model 3

Let’s start with where to find the charge port controls on the touch screen.

Use The Touchscreen

The touchscreen actually has two places where you can unlock and open your charge port. The first is directly from the main screen.

On the left-hand side where you see your car, you should notice a small lightning bolt icon right next to where your charge port is on your Tesla:

Opening the Charge Port from the Touchscreen

All you need to do is tap that icon and it will open your charge port.

The second spot is located on the charging tab on the main menu. To access the main menu, tap the car icon on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

That will pull up the main menu. The third tab down (at least in its current configuration) is the Charging tab. Tap on the tab to pull up the charging options.

The Charging Tab on the Main Menu

One of those options (as you would expect) is to open the charge port.

Use the Tesla App

The Tesla App makes unlocking your charge port really easy and really convenient.

When you pull up the main screen of the app you should notice a little electric bolt icon:

Charging Icon on the Tesla App

Simply tap that icon and it will open up your charge port.

What if that icon isn’t there?

You can change the 4 icons that show in that row on your app. So, if for some reason, you don’t have the charging icon there – don’t worry – it’s still easy to get to on the app.

Open the Controls tab:

Controls Tab on the Tesla App

That will open a screen where you can open your trunk, lock your doors, check your tire psi, and most importantly for us right now – unlock your charge port.

You should see the lightning bolt icon toward the bottom left of the screen:

Charging Icon on the Controls Screen

Tap the icon and you should be good to go.

Use the Charging Cord Handle

If you have a Tesla Charging Plug-in, whether you’re at a Tesla Supercharging Station or you have a Tesla Charger at home, you can use the handle on the charger itself to open your charging port.

On the handle of the charging cord you should notice a small circle icon:

Tesla Charger Handle

Hold the handle up to the charge port (make sure your car is unlocked) and press and hold that circle icon and that should open your charge port door.

Tap The Charge Port Door

The final way is a secret hack that is hiding in plain sight.

It’s my favorite method if I’m not using an official Tesla Charger (if I’m charging at a Chargepoint station for example).

All you have to do is tap the charge port door. That’s it.

Touching the Charge Port Door

Now, you need to make sure that your car is unlocked, but if it is, simply tap the charge port door and it will open right up. How’s that for convenience?

Final Thoughts

Like most things on a Tesla, opening your charge port door to “refuel” seems complicated at first because it’s probably completely different than whatever you’re used to.

However, once you figure it out, it turns out to be pretty simple and pretty convenient too.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks!

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